The Brand

Womenswear and accessories

Feminine, streamlined soft tailoring and the helm of Lake Studio sits designer duo Anastasia Riabokon and Olesya Kononova.

Lake Studio aesthetics has three pillars upon which it is rest.


There's no such thing as Lake Studio heroine. We admire all women and celebrate their diversity. We love how women can be serious and naive, girlish and solid, dreamy and rigorous depending on the mood. This variety is reflected in our collections, in the combinations of different fabrics and textures, in the conjunction of sensual laces with playful prints, or sharp tailoring with silky silhouettes. 


We adore the world that we live in. We admire the beauty of flowers, the delicacy of trees, the vivid colors of the sky and oceans. We often take fruits and leaves as a base of our exclusive prints - to remind us that there's no greater masterpiece than one created by the nature.


At the core of our designs sits admiration of an art. We often work in collaboration with contemporary artists using their paintings as a main source of inspiration for our prints or even whole collection.

Lake Studio designers only work with premium mostly natural fabrics, putting great emphasis on exclusive prints, artisanal crafts such as hand embroidery, exquisite cut and great storytelling in each collection.

Our identity

Lake Studio takes pride in craftsmanship of our seamstresses, premium fabrics from Como and exclusive prints created in collaboration with contemporary artists. We design effortless and elegant garments that smart women could actually wear in real life instead of admiring them on the catwalk.