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LAKE (earlier known as KAMENSKAKONONOVA) is a designer brand of women’s apparel, footwear, accessories, founded by Natalia Kamenska and Olesya Kononova.

Based in Kiev, Ukraine.
LAKE introduced its first collection in 2008, in 2010 the brand launched its first shoe line.
In 2013 the first collection of children's clothing named “ko.ka.ko.” was presented.
In 2012, LAKE brand was titled «Best Women's Clothing Designer» and «Best Accessories Designer» in Ukraine - two prizes of BEST FASHION AWARDS, the Ukrainian Awards in the field of fashion.
In 2013, LAKE again was named «Best Accessories Designer» in Ukraine by BEST FASHION AWARDS 2013.
Brand LAKE was highlighted in the 'Vogue for the Young' section and named Vogue's Choice of the Best Projects.
In September 2013 LAKE became a part of “Vogue Italy” magazine, appearing in its annual edition of “Vogue Talents” among chosen 200 emerging designers from all over the world. - See more